Independent Soil and Water Analysis

Independent Soil and Water Analysis

To maintain a top quality service to our customers, we make use of independent laboratories in South Africa as well as abroad. This guarantees that the integrity of your sample data's integrity remains intact, all the while delivering analysis in a easy to understand, useful format which will allow you to make the correct decisions in the maintenance and nutrient provision, most efficient for your turf.


Our list of analysis services include the following :

  • Soil Analysis (Standard, Full, Heavy Metals, Moisture Density, Bulk Density, Carbon etc)
  • Microbiological Analysis (Standard Nematode, Total Bacteria, Total Coliforms, etc)
  • Water Analysis (Chemical - potability, Irrigation, Effluent water, Suspended Solids, Heavy Metals, Temperature, Colour, Chlorine Content, etc)
  • Leaf Analysis (Standard, Heavy Metals, etc)

Please feel free to contact one of our representatives, should you require a quotation, or any further information on the subject.

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