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Calcium : The Forgotten Nutrient



Used for Sodium Abatement, Magnesium Reduction, and Aerating High CEC (tight) Soils. At the end of the day all nutrients are of importance and that is why we believe in balanced turf nutrition.

Calcium assists in the movement of minerals and nutrients around in the soil, which in turn aids in the absorption of these minerals and nutrients by the plant.

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The benefits of using Ammonium based Nitrogen

Ammonium nitrogen (NH4+) carries a positive charge and is adsorbed onto soil particles. In this chemical form, leaching of nitrogen does not occur; however, NH4+ is changed to the NO3- form by bacteria. This process occurs rapidly (beginning within 2 to 3 days) as the soil temperature climbs above 10°C. Complete conversion from NH4+ to NO3- occurs within about a month of application.


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