The benefits of using Ammonium based Nitrogen

Ammonium nitrogen (NH4+) carries a positive charge and is adsorbed onto soil particles. In this chemical form, leaching of nitrogen does not occur; however, NH4+ is changed to the NO3- form by bacteria. This process occurs rapidly (beginning within 2 to 3 days) as the soil temperature climbs above 10°C. Complete conversion from NH4+ to NO3- occurs within about a month of application.


Ammonium based Nitrogen fertilizers decreases the amount of water required by the plant, by lowering it's metabolism. This results in (but is not limited to) less vegetative growth, which in turn, decreases the chance of thatch occurring. Less Growth = Less Thatch = Less Disease = Healthier Plants. This can be attributed to the fact that Ammonium based fertilizers do not force-feed the plant, but rather allows the plant to take up nitrogen, when needed.

A long standing benefit of Ammonium based fertilizers is that it reduces leaching and volitization, as it attaches itself to the soil, increasing stability. Along with the acidification of the plant's rhizosphere (roots), plants will absorb Micro-elements and phosphorous more effectively and at a lower cost to you.

In conclusion, Ammonium based Nitrogen assists plants in using less energy, more efficiently to provide top quality turf grass. 


Provides long-lasting, consistent delivery of nitrogen to plants, regardless of unpredictable environmental conditions, while minimizing the escape of nitrogen into the air or groundwater. Because nitrogen is held in the soil, in a plant usable form, over a longer period of time, Stabilized Nitrogen products provide consistent feeding, minimal growth surge, and exceptional color and vigor.