Professional turf analysis services

What we offer

Laboratory Analysis

Soil, Irrigation Water, Leaf, Organic Matter, Microbiological and other Analysis contracted out to independent laboratories.

Full Agronomist Reports & Interpretations

Our qualified Agronomists will develop reports based on the above independently analysed samples.

Turf Nutrition Program & Plan

Based on your sample analysis, our agronomists will develop a specific turf nutrition program for your turf, along with a useful cost analysis for budget purposes.

POGO TURF PRO Water Management System

The POGO device is the perfect tool to manage what happens underneath your turf surface (Moisture, Salinity (EC), Canopy Temperature, Salinity Index).

Helping you make the correct turf nutrition decision

We deliver analysis in an easy to understand and useful format which will allow you to make the correct decisions in the maintenance and nutrient provision, most efficient for your turf.

To maintain a top quality service to our customers, we make use of independent laboratories in South Africa as well as abroad. This guarantees that the integrity of your sample data remains intact.

Step 1: Soil Sample

A soil sample is collected and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Step 2: Soil Report

A comprehensive report is generated by our Agronomist after the sample has been analysed. He gives his suggestions on what product(s) can be used to fix any issues and comment on the general status of the analysed area.

Pogo Turf Pro System

"The portable, wireless, durable, easy-to-use tool that provides greater insight…so you can make better decisions about managing your turf"

POGO TurfPro

Fully integrated system

POGO hardware is the foundation of the POGO system. After all, you can’t produce the kind of scientific insight you need without a truly special sensor to collect highly precise data. 

All POGO hardware is based on a patented soil sensor called HydraProbe™. The HydraProbe is the most scientifically researched soil sensor in the world.

POGO TurfPro Cloud

POGO TurfPro Cloud

The POGO system doesn’t just record and present the raw data for you to interpret. Because your time is limited, you really want an analysis. 

POGO TurfPro Cloud automatically analyzes your data and presents it visually with every upload from the app. See variations of moisture, salinity, temperature, ball speed, firmness and more across every zone of your course(s), and understand the effects of their interaction. This makes it quick and easy for you, and everyone else on staff to perform Best Management Practices (BMPs) by applying precisely what is needed when it’s needed.

POGO TurfPro Mobile

POGO TurfPro Mobile

The free TurfPro Mobile app turns your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet into a data acquisition and logging system that collects, displays and logs turf conditions measured by the wirelessly-connected POGO.

The app displays real-time analytics and assessments of turf/soil moisture, salinity and temperature. This allows for timely reaction to conditions that could lead to costly problems.

Critical alerts advise you of conditions measured that require immediate attention while you are on the course.

Ease of use. Unmatched precision. Better decisions

POGO helps you know what’s happening below the surface, across the entire green.

It brings pure science and precision to the art of turf management, using a patented sensor, automated analysis and visual reporting. POGO helps you achieve consistently perfect turf while optimizing water and fertilizer use.

Only POGO’s patented sensor accurately measures ALL 4 of the most influential variables (moisture, salinity (EC), canopy temperature and salinity index) governing turf performance and how they impact each other. Decision-making to apply water, nutrients and cultural practices have never been more precise!

1. Sample

2. Log

3. Analyse

4. Map

Accurately measures ALL 4 of the most influential variables

No other system gives you this level of analysis and insight without leaving the turf!


Salinity (EC)

Canopy Temperature

Salinity Index

Pro-Grade GPS

Only POGO’s patented sensor accurately measures ALL 4 of the most influential variables governing turf performance and how they impact each other.

In addition, the exact location (within 1 metre) of each sample is recorded with the integrated, professional-grade GPS receiver. It’s this location data that allows POGO to show an analysis of the data visually on a map, so you know exactly where you need to focus your efforts and why.

Decision-making to apply water, nutrients and cultural practices has never been more precise!