All-in-one Chemical Package

  1. Propiconazole 250 EC
    Broad spectrum systemic triazole fungicide. 5lt.
  2. Essence 500 WDG
    A water dispersible granular systemic fungicide for the control of certain fungal diseases on crops as listed. 1kg
  3. Mission 720 SC
    A suspension concentrate contact fungicide for the preventative control of diseases. 5lt
  4. Aurora 40 WG
    A water dispersible granule herbicide for post-emergent control of broadleaved weeds. 100g
  5. Superlawn Weeder
    A selective herbicide in solution for the control of broadleaf weeds as listed in lawns and sporting turf. 5lt
  6. phDown
    Nitrogen and Phosphate combination with pH lowering effect of spray tank mixes. 2.5kg